Project management


The PLANEA Architecture Office undertakes studies of new residential, office and commercial buildings. Through our collaboration with experienced and skilled staff, we are able to provide immediate solutions of high quality to any construction. At the same time, the customer has the opportunity to be fully informed but also to control the construction in each stage, from the first idea until the end of the project.

Renovation – Interior design

PLANEA pays great attention to the quality of the buildings’ interior. Whether it’s a new building or a renovation, we can help you to transform your space into an ideal living environment. We design interiors of high aesthetics according to the new decoration trends, using modern materials, techniques and objects that combine the function of the space and the owners’ temperament.

A proposal for the interior design of your space, as well as a market research for materials and objects, is also included in our service, in order to achieve the best result. In addition, we give you the opportunity to design and construct custom-made furniture, kitchen etc. with the help of our experienced partner.

Bioclimatic design

The design of environmentally-friendly buildings is a basic philosophy of PLANEA. A design based on the fact that nature and human tolerate changes only to a very limited extent, without irreversible damage.

Our aim is a dialogue between aesthetics and eco-friendly architecture, where total energy demand comes from renewable sources and natural climate phenomena with the minimum costs.

Architectural design

Focusing on the users of each building and their needs, we present modern and innovative ideas with professionalism and responsibility. Due to the excellent knowledge and the very extensive experience, our team guarantees the optimal solution of high architectural quality for each project.

3D photorealistic designs

The PLANEA Architecture Office can provide custom-made 3D photorealistic designs (renders) to customers, who want to have a view of their space before it is implemented or to professionals, who are interested in providing this service to their own customers.

Building permission and legalization

The PLANEA Architecture Office offers all services that are required for the issuance of building permits of any building type in Greece. The building permit is necessary for the commencement and execution of all construction works. Thus, it is required both for new constructions and for constructions to an existing building, but even for repair works and their reinforcement. The building permit is also essential when the use of a building or part of it should be changed.

Our office undertakes the issuance and processing of small-scale permits, which are required for works such as fencing, wall and building repairs, roof replacement and repair, pergola constructions, fireplace and chimney stacking, external thermal insulation, etc.

Building legalization

Our team possesses deep knowledge of public construction law and is constantly up-to-date, with regard to the current arrangements for Real Estate in Greece. In this way, the office is also able to perform all kinds of legalization and regularization.

Real Estate valuations

The valuation of properties is a parallel axis of our activity. With clients such as large banking institutions and Real Estate developers, our certified partners are able to provide accurate and fair valuations for all types of property, based on the European & International Valuation Standards. The reports are based on scientific data, accompanied by strategies for development and improvement of Real Estate property and are always supported by documents that can be used in a court.

The members of our team are certified by PeopleCert, the Association of Greek Valuers and the Greek Ministry of Finance.

Energy renovation studies

Energy conservation must be a cornerstone of any modern energy policy. As the building sector consumes 40% of the energy required at European level, the European Union has adopted Directive 2002/91/EC to control the energy performance of buildings and the Regulations issued by the Greek State make an effort to comply with the EU provisions.

The energy study is being drawn up during the initial stage of the construction of the building, in parallel with the architectural and the electromechanical plans. Its aim is to secure the reduced total energy demand of the building for lighting, hot water, heating and cooling, through the application of bioclimatic design principles and the use of innovative technologies, as well as available renewable energy sources.

The energy study reflects the theoretical energy behavior of the building in order to ensure the integration of the new building at least in energy class B. The ultimate aim (according to the new EU Directive) is to achieve a self-sufficient building, with energy needs covered by renewable energy sources.

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificates are a rating scheme to summarize the energy efficiency of buildings in the European Union. They present the energy rating of the building on a scale from A to G and the owner receives useful recommendations to improve its energy performance.

The Energy Performance Certificate in Greece is required for all types of buildings, except for some special uses and is necessary after the full or partial construction / renovation of a building, before the property sale and for all online rent statements.

PLANEA can help you integrate your house to the European Household Energy-Saving Program, always suggesting the optimal solutions for your building.

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